It’s inevitable that these start coming out. And with the impending Mayacalypse, we’ll likely see some Top 10 (In the History of the World) lists, too.

Builder came up with some bulls eyes with their Top 10 Design Trends of 2012, though, including:

  • Open Spaces
  • Making Use of Every Space
  • Modern Design
  • Blurred Lines Between Interior and Exterior
  • We have to scratch our heads a little at their Corner Window slide, though. Maybe we’re not looking at the same houses that they are, but this seems like a smaller movement and not so much a full-blown trend. We agree that they’re cool and they add to a room’s brightness and sense of space. And surely more homeowners would like to have one (or three). But prominence on wish lists does not a trend make.

    As far as passive homes go, well, there’s still a lot of questions as to how the next four years are going to go, housing-wise. There may have been a demand for green building before the bubble burst, but it has yet to reach those heights again. With that said, energy efficiency is sort of walking the line between trend and the norm. We’d love to see it more the latter, of course, and a little help with rebates and incentives goes a long way.

    Have you incorporated any of these trends into your home?