Want to see the “Home for the New Economy?” Check out the virtual tour of this Builder Concept Home 2010, designed to be sustainable, compact but livable and built to hold its owners as they age.

This is one of the better virtual home tours I’ve ever taken, with a ton of pop-up information available when you roll over the home’s many features. Everything from the siding and roofing to the dining room furniture and electrical switches gets coverage in the tour. You’ll even pause in the home vestibule, which is nothing but a buffer room between the dining room and the “Adaptation Suite,” a first-floor bedroom that can double as a studio rental. Moving from room to room is video game fun, and the accompanying narrative is neutral enough that I never felt inclined to hit mute.

Tiny clickable icons proliferate each room so you can learn more about features or open up a short video interview with the home designer who goes into detail on topics like the “Adaptation Suite.” (I was skeptical at first, but I’m coming around on the room. It would be cool to have the rental option when times get tough.)

Take a look at the Concept Home. It’s a fun little ride.

Builder Concept Home 2010