When I was a kid, I found my parents’ home terminally “boring.” I mean, there were no fire poles, slides, or trampoline rooms anywhere. Not even a secret passage in the whole building. I swore that when I was an adult my home would have all of these necessities. Needless to say, I am now an adult who lives in a house without any of these things, unless you count the back staircase I use to take out the trash as a “secret passage.” But for some, the dream never dies. When Simon Shea of Brisbane, Australia, decided to add some shelf space to the back room of his home, he took the opportunity to build one that elegantly concealed a room. Best of all, the door to the room can only be opened by tilting an old Sherlock Holmes book on the shelf. The guy has got a sense of style. Okay, the concealed room is a broom closet and not the Bat Cave but, still, this is cool. Shea provides a set of photos of the project on his webpage and an explanation of how build a door hinge that opens with a tilted book.

Shelf Hidden Room