Most homes are afflicted by musty smells or strange odors at some point or another. Especially if you live in an old apartment or a basement, chances are you’ve dealt with an unpleasant stink.

But Apartment Therapy has a great suggestion for how to deal with these damp smells: charcoal briquettes. They work well for foul refrigerator smells, or for absorbing general odors in your home. To display them, according to Apartment Therapy, you can lay them out in a plate or wrap them in a pretty piece of fabric.

We love this cheap and easy way to get rid of smells. Another suggestion: now that fall is here, if you have a wood-burning fireplace, light it up. The woodsy smell will help get rid of odors in your home.

Do you have any suggestions for easy ways to make your home smell good?

Credit: Apartment Therapy