There are tons of products on the market aimed at relieving the stress and trauma of a major weather event. We’ve looked at windows, doors, roofs, landscaping, and generators. Hurricane Katrina’s natural disaster and manmade tragedies have encouraged companies to come out with products aimed at helping residents who are stuck in their homes to survive safely until services are restored or rescue is achieved. The Zerolet is a no-water toilet designed to operate without city water, on battery or electricity, to dehydrate and sterilize human waste, turning it into a sterile powder. Another cool gadget was the Lazerbrite light that has reversible heads for a focus spotlight and flashlight. It will operate for up to 75 hours on one set of batteries. There are sandbaggers, sandbag alternatives, and a Door Dam to seal up doorways and garage door openings to protect your home from up to three feet of water. With tornadoes in the Midwest and Ernesto on the move, the time to think about protecting your home and family is now.