I once dated a girl who had two dogs, which meant that, for a while, I had two dogs. I grew to love them dearly, but I must say I don’t miss picking up and disposing of their all-too-omnipresent yard droppings.

The Bokashi Pet Cycle may not eliminate the poop pick up part of pet ownership, but at least it can turn that doggy stool into something productive. Similar to a food composting system, the Bokashi Pet Cycle breaks pet waste down into a “nutrient and microbial rich soil” that can be used for ornamental plants. That last bit is an important distinction! The end product must not be used on vegetable plants or the like.

Until I found out about Bokashi, I wasn’t fully aware of the detrimental effects pet poop was having on our planet. Greenhouse gasses, contaminated ground water, odors (okay I knew about that part)–the list goes on. I’ll never again be lulled into a false sense of security by a pair of lovable Labrador puppy eyes. That little cretin is destroying Mother Earth!

A Bokashi Pet Cycle system retails for $119.95.