Stylin’ at the barbecue means more than a great apron and a set of tongs. With people building full outdoor kitchens to take advantage of outdoor living, why wouldn’t they come up wtih a beverage station to boot? Vintage appliances has a full line of stainless steel appliances and accessories to take the grilling and chilling experience to its highest level. Take this bartending center — how cool! It can be purchased and configured in a number of ways, including as a rolling beverage station or built-in with a beer tap, sink, and refrigerator. They offer quick-pour shelves, bins for lemons and limes, storage for glasses, icemakers, whatever you need to be the best drink tender on the block. This is really, really cool for all of us who love living large outdoors. A worthy investment in entertaining at upwards of $2,500.

Vintage Appliances