Earlier this summer, we showed you Weber’s “On the Grill” iPhone app, which gives users grilling recipes and tips. And now, among the ever-widening world of iPhone apps, there’s a new option for homeowners: Hangrohe’s PuraVida app, which allows users to virtually redesign their bathrooms and see what PuraVida products would look like in their own homes.

Here’s how it works: you use the iPhone to snap a picture of your bathroom. You then select the part of the image that contains the fixture you want to replace. The iPhone crops out the old fixture in the photograph, and then replaces it with a new PuraVida faucet, hand shower, or overhead shower. The edited photograph can then be saved to your phone or emailed to friends and family.

I’ve never had an iPhone, and don’t consider myself a great fan, so I was skeptical about how realistic the finished photograph would be. But I’ll admit that the screenshots on the PuraVida website look fairly seamless. What do you think—will you download this app (keep in mind that it’s free), or will you skip this one and keep the element of surprise in your home renovations?