At long last, my parent’s days of shop vacuuming the basement-flooding water away are over.

That’s right–they’ve installed a sump pump.

Pictured here, the unit’s installation came only days after the end to the most recent spate of flooding to hit their Durham, NH, community. Although nothing like what the folks in Rhode Island are facing, my parents’ own well-documented war against the water has cost them many sleepless nights over the years.

The pump is rated to extract 40 gallons per minute, which is hopefully more than they’ll ever require. The cost for the job was $1400, installed.

Still to do: purchase and install a standby generator. As you’ll see, the pump plugs into a distant wall outlet via an extension cord. The plan is to have an electrician continue the basement circuit over to the pump so the extension cord won’t be needed, and then to properly size a generator to ensure that the pump–as well as the fridge, well pump, and a few other circuits–keep power during an outage.

Currently my folks are looking at generators distributed and installed by a company that deals Winco generators, primarily what they call the “New Englander Edition,” a Winco with a Honda engine. I’d love to get some feedback on Winco’s products to pass along to my folks.

Got a standby generator for you home? If so, what brand do you have?