When Paul and Pam Costa named their child “Edison” after the inventor and scientist Thomas Edison, they went all out. Over the course of a month, the couple modeled the nursery as a laboratory, the centerpiece being an enormous 1988 Cray Supercomputer which has been restored to serve as seating. Paul admits it was a tough sell when he first pitched the idea to his wife but she gradually came around, she even helped with the restoration of the Supercomputer while she was eight months into the pregnancy. The couple originally thought of filling the nursery with vintage Thomas Edison items like wax recording cylinders and other antiques but were concerned it would look out of place in a modern home. The completed room also features a sleek baby changing station, a poster of Edison, and a hanging Edison light bulb. I love the chalk board with molecular structures of “milk, pee, and poop.”

Laboratory-Themed Nursery