Irene has come and gone, and though she had been downgraded as she moved north and many in the major metropolitan areas (I’m looking at you, NYC!) were spared she still managed to leave her mark.

Here in Vermont we had widespread flooding. They are calling this the worst natural disaster the state has seen since the flood of 1927. Numerous roads and bridges were washed out, homes have been flooded and at least one person lost her life. The President has declared a federal emergency for the state.

Here on the shore of Lake Champlain we had the power flickering on and off throughout much of the afternoon yesterday and into the evening until it finally went off for good just after sundown. I awoke to find one sailboat had been ripped from its mooring and washed up on shore.

I’ve heard of a few of our state’s beloved and historic covered bridges being washed away by the flooding. At least one town is on water boil notice. It’s going to be a while before things are back to normal, I’m afraid.

This family captured the Lower Bartonsville Covered Bridge being swept away. Warning: contains adult language. That bridge had been there since 1870. A tough loss for that community.

How has your town fared?