It’s not monsters in the attic you have to worry about. It’s the cold.

Here is yet another way to save money this winter, this time with an eye on heat loss into the attic.

The Shuttercover Trim to Fit is an insulated cover for the shutters of your whole-house attic fan. Because the louvers on an attic fan are not airtight or insulated, a home in the winter loses warm air through them, driving up the utility bills.

The Shuttercover Trim to Fit contains the hot air within the home by sealing up the vent’s shutters. A simple adhesive loop fastener installation method makes it easy to set up and trim the cover to fit.

The covers are 1/4-inch think and have an R-value of 7.5. They come in 36″ x 48″ and 48″ x 48″ squares, with the latter retailing for about $50. You can find them at a number of hardware stores like Ace, Lowes and Grainger.

Would you use a Shuttercover to save money this winter?

Shuttercover Trim to Fit