Lately I’ve had a thing for water tower conversions. And while I didn’t think anything could outdo Judy Fuller’s Art Deco tower in Wisconsin, I think the Munstead Water Tower just might. Built in 1898, 130 feet tall, and resembling a medieval tower, this conversion into a six-floor home took seven years to complete. That’s dedication. The property was purchased in 1989 by architect Elspeth Beard who took care to retain as much of the existing structure as possible. It now serves as her home. It has won numerous awards since completion, including last year’s Best Conservation Award from The Surrey Historic Buildings Trust. I did take one look at the floorplan and think, “I hope they put in an elevator.” The first through third floors consist of bedrooms while the kitchen and living room room are on floors four and five. Not sure how much I would enjoy climbing stairs to get my breakfast, although I’m sure the sixth floor terrace has magnificent views. The Elspeth Beard website has a great write-up on the project including the floorplan, photos of the interior, and details on the conversion process. Check it out if you are looking for something inspiring.

Munstead Water Tower Conversion