I like to think I have a pretty strong stomach, but even I start to gag when cleaning a clog from my bathroom sink plumbing. The first time I had to do so–at my old apartment–I wasn’t prepared for the stomach-churning stench that fell from the P-trap. Or the clumps of hair, used toothpaste, grime and grit that spilled into the catch bucket.

Over my lifetime I’ve had to clean a clog from a bathroom sink three or four times, and it doesn’t get any easier. I don’t remember exactly, but the last time I did so I vaguely recall looking up to the heavens and praying “I wish someone would invent a gadget that prevents sink clogs from ever happening again.”

Was my prayer answered?

Well, it didn’t exactly fall from the sky, but the SpinFlush clog-prevention product seems to be a gift from the gods. Unlike its competitor the PermaFLOW–which requires manual operation–the SpinFlush does its work every time you run the sink. Installed above your sink’s P-trap, SpinFlush creates a spinning vortex of water that cleans any debris that might be trying to build up and clog the trap. Installation does require a bit of measuring and cutting (one of each, actually), but it’s a pretty straightforward job: 1) Remove the P-trap; 2) plunk the SpinFlush into the sink end of the trap; 3) measure to determine how much excess pipe to cut from the tail pipe; 4) cut the tail pipe excess; 5) re-assemble all P-trap parts with SpinFlush installed and tighten nuts. That’s it. Enjoy clog-free sink operation for years to come.

Of course, this is one of those products that you know is working when something doesn’t happen. So you won’t know if the SpinFlush is a dud unless a clog forms. Still, for $9.95 it’s not like you’re setting yourself back. That’s about the same price as a 32oz bottle of Drano.

Would you install the SpinFlush in your bathroom sink?