This may be the coolest upgrade in heating since the fireplace—no kidding! The Aqueon from Heat & Glo is a hydrogen-burning fireplace, which means it uses ordinary hydrogen available in water to produce a flame and heat. You just fill the Aqueon with water and plug it in. Using electrolysis the unit separates the hydrogen and oxygen atoms in the H2O, igniting the hydrogen to create the flame and feeding it with the oxygen. No bad combustibles, not fossil fuels. Basically this is functional sculpture that is free to act like an oversized candle. There’s no need for enclosures or special venting because there are no harmful gases. Just flip on the unit, let it heat up, and enjoy the flame while the 28-inch by 60-inch high “fireplace” gives off around 31,000 BTUs of heat. The catch? Each unit must be custom ordered and costs $50,000.

Heat & Glo