Sitting in front of “American Idol” with your kids and thinking…I really need to change the color of this room. Or, the TV stand certainly is in need of an overhaul. Or, the carpet in here sure is dreary. Or, what would this room look like with crown molding.

Or, if you are really into “Idol”…this would sound so much better with a built-in surround sound system.

If you are like me, and let’s face it most of you are, thinking of projects and actually starting them (much less completing them) can be worlds apart. But that doesn’t mean they won’t happen. What my wife and I have started doing is creating a list of the projects we have in mind. Then, we sort them by ease of completion, cost and time required. Then we re-sort them into “definitely,” “maybe” and “no way.” And that is where we are with our TV room. Our next step is for my wife to go to Lowe’s to pick up the materials. If she does not do the buying then she lacks “buy in” to the project and will not pressure me into completing it. Once we have the materials then the real work will begin.

The point of this blog is organization and communication. Get your ideas on paper and talk with your spouse and your home improvement projects can get done even during “Idol” season. And if you are thinking of completing a project with your spouse, be sure to check out our article, Surviving Your Remodel, which includes helpful tips on reducing stress to ensure your marriage not only survives but thrives during your remodel.