Lately my wife has been on my case to get new stainless steel appliances. I like the look, stainless steel brings a touch of class to a kitchen. But I liked it a lot more before I looked at the price tag, a stainless steel refrigerator can set you back $3,000. Thankfully Liquid Stainless Steel has brought affordability back into the equation. It’s not paint, it’s actually liquified stainless steel that’s as durable as your car’s finish. And like stainless steel, it is fully fingerprint resistant. If you bought a new stainless steel appliance and would like all your old appliances to match, this would be the ideal solution. A large project kit that will cover about 100 square feet is available for $129, a far cry from the thousands you can spend upgrading all your appliances. A sample kit is available for $9 if you want to try before you buy.

Liquid Stainless Steel