Okay, now this is cool—literally! Finally someone has invented a door that cools, ventilates, and lets in light without opening you up to the outside world. Check out the Luna:Light + Air door from Seven 02 Design. The entire face of the door is a grid of holes that slides open incrementally to let in air, light, or sound from an adjacent space. It really is reminiscent of a futuristic photo shoot, but its time is now. This door is being manufactured by a leading Italian door and window company and won design kudos at Milan Design Week 2005. Just think how great it would be to have cross ventilation in your apartment or office, while still maintaining your privacy. Air can circulate and light can penetrate while you remain behind closed doors. The Luna:Light + Air Door can be faced in wood, metal, or fabric. It is the invention of American designer Rick Lewis. The production phase is still underway, but Seven 02 hopes to make it available soon. Check back for updates.

Credit: Gizmodo

Seven 02 Design