Do you have a stinky house? Or maybe you have a stinky room, like the area where you keep your litter box or the garbage pail for your baby’s disposable diapers? Or, do you have a damp basement or musty closet? Maybe you just have occasional bad odors, like when you cook a fish dinner.

If you have any of the above (and I know you do), let me guess: You try to mask the odor with fragrant sprays or other products that just add a smelly substance on top of the odor. I recently tried several environmentally friendly products from Fresh Wave. Their unique products don’t mask odors; instead, they harness the power of nature to neutralize them. All products are made from natural ingredients like lime, pine needles, aniseed, clove, cedar wood and soya. Non-toxic and non-irritating, Fresh Wave uses its unique substances to attract and grab odor molecules and then eliminate them. It neutralizes odors without relying on harmful chemicals; and because the products are made of natural ingredients, they’re safe to use around people and pets. They contain no harsh chemicals and no harmful VOCs. The entire product line features a wide variety of options: sprays, gel crystals, candles, carpet shake, vacuum pearls and an all-purpose cleaning additive. I have been using the gel crystals and noticed a HUGE difference in the bathroom where my litter box is kept. I have also been lighting the candles when I make eggs or fish and am no longer knocked out by those toxic cooking odors!

To find a Fresh Wave merchant near you or buy products online, visit the company’s Web site.

Fresh Wave