Ever notice how pulling out nails with a hammer claw leaves marks on the wood? Donald Shenk did, and he decided to do something about it. A skilled craftsman with a commitment to building more efficiently with wood, Shenk saw an opportunity to give the building and DIY world a badly-needed innovation and seized it.

The result was the Zadok Hammer Pad, one of those amazing creations that has the two qualities of a brilliant invention: 1) it is dead simple and, 2) everyone will wonder how they ever lived without it.

The image tells all. The Hammer Pad is little more than a rubber pad that slips over the claw and head of a claw hammer, protecting a wood surface when the claw is used to pull up nails. Each pad retails for just $5.75. Dead simple. Dirt cheap.

What’s the worst way you’ve damaged your walls with a hammer?

Zadok Hammer Pad