If you’re anything like me, picking a paint color for a room is like buying a car or choosing a college. It’s a decision that speaks to who I am and who I want to be. Sure, it’s reversible, but it doesn’t feel that way, probably because of the work involved in the reversal process.

For those indecisive would-be room painters, I give you the Voice of Color. The brain child of Pittsburgh Paints and Porter Paints — two premium architectural paint brands — the Voice of Color provides homeowners with an innovative color selection program that gets to the heart of who you are and which colors will best suit your lifestyle.

A key component of the Voice of Color program is the Color Sense Game, which asks not “what color do you like?” but “what color do you feel?” Deep stuff.

The Color Sense Game is about much more than color and paint. You’re asked to select your favorite from among a dozen different decors, decorating pieces, and even inspirational words. (I chose “optimistic.) It’s a refreshing new method to discovering tastes I didn’t even know I had. Definitely worth the time, although I have to question if my personal color palette REALLY is “Pop Art.”

Having just watched Dan Gilbert’s TED talk on synthesizing happiness, I cannot help but wonder if my own satisfaction with any color selected would be enhanced if I was told there was no going back.

What are your feelings on paint selection?

Voice of Color