A recent article in Builder magazine called attention to the Wounded Warrior Home Project, the brain child of architect Michael Graves. Graves — who himself has been paralyzed since 2003 — wanted to design an accessible home that met the needs of the new generation of veterans of campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The project was undertaken as a partnership between Clark Realty Capital and the U.S. Army and consisted of two homes that would “set a new standard in accessible design.”

The accessibility features of the prototype homes deal with the specific challenges faced by returning vets, including loss of limbs, third degree burns, sense impairment, traumatic brain injury, hearing loss, spinal cord injury, loss or impairment of vision and PTSD.

The homes are truly an advancement in accessibility, going way beyond standard universal design. Worked into the homes are features such as adjustable-height countertops and sinks, automatic doors, open-plan living, wood floors and more.

More info can be found in the complete article.

This is great work that Graves and his team have undertaken. We hope to see homes like this springing up across the country.

Credit: BuilderOnline.com