We’ve all searched Craigslist and Freecycle for roofing, flooring and other home renovation scraps. Sometimes we hit the jackpot and sometimes we get sidetracked and buy a new TV instead. Whoops. So we were really psyched to hear about Diggerslist.com, dedicated to buying and selling excess from construction sites.

Recently launched in 15 top metropolitan areas, DiggersList allows big construction companies to sell their unused building materials online at discounted prices. Flooring, roofing, tile — it can all be found.

The new service aims to reduce nationwide construction waste, allow suppliers to offload surplus inventory and make materials available to the DIY enthusiast at reduced cost. Contractors can also post their services on the site, and property owners can post projects they’re looking to have professionally done. It’s people meeting people, hammer meeting nail, bargain building materials meeting the bed of someone’s pickup.

The construction-centric DiggersList can be aptly compared to the beloved CraigsList. The UI has some similarities, although DiggersList features additional info like “Recent Users”, “Recent Photo Albums” and a “Recently Listed” section. It’s worth checking out, particularly if you live in one of the DiggersList areas. For everyone else, the wait is on.

If you had DiggersList in your area, what would you use it for?