I have to tell you about a product that saved my butt last weekend. Here’s the scene: It’s a beautiful Saturday in late August, the Bluefish are running, the boat is gassed up, and out of no where my wife requests that I clean the exterior garage door seals. “I’m sorry, the what?” I didn’t even know we had such things.

After they were enthusiastically pointed out, I could see they were stained, covered in mold, and discolored by years of weather. I told her it was a great look — they have a rustic feel. This fell on deaf ears so I hurried to fill a bucket with soapy water and scrubbed as the Bluefish ran without me. Useless. So I dug through our cleaning supplies and found a bottle of CLR (Calcium Lime Rust remover) we once used on rust stains in our bathroom. I followed the directions (spray, let soak, wipe, and rinse), and in no time the EGDS (exterior garage door seals, we’re on a nick-name basis now) were like new — and I was off.

Check out my before and after pictures. This stuff was amazing.
Tip: It’s a pretty strong solution, so wear gloves and don’t let it near your face.
Have you had any mold and dirt breakthroughs lately? Let us know your tips.