Oh man. Here it is, the most elegant toilet you will ever see in your life, giving full justice to the phrase “the throne.” Constructed in solid ash, the “Dagobert” Wooden Toilet Throne from Herbeau is in a class by itself. Wait, there’s more, just wait until you hear about the accessories. Can I draw your attention to the ashtray in one of the armrests? Or the hand-painted ceramic coat-of-arms featuring a poem by Alfred de Musset written in French on the backrest? Have you ever wished your toilet would play the song “Le Bon Roi Dagobert” when the lid is raised? Well, you are in luck. I didn’t even mention the little bell that is rung when the toilet is flushed, “letting everyone know all is well in the kingdom” according to the literature they sent me. These guys have a great sense of humor. It retails for $12,182 and requires the purchase of the “Dagobert” Sanitary equipment which costs $1,593. Yeah, that’s pricey but it puts you in the same company as Tina Turner and Boris Becker, both of whom have them in their homes.

Dagobert Wooden Toilet Throne