Don’t be alarmed. Those humanoid figures are not, in fact, caught in the massive web of the Spider Queen. This behemoth — while resembling a cross between a trampoline and a fishing net — is in fact a hammock-like structure that was featured at this year’s International Garden Festival at Jardins de Metis/Redford Gardens in Quebec. The smiling faces occupying its triangular sections are enjoying a little R&R while hovering over the aromatic flora planted in the garden just below. Scents from lemon geraniums, lavenders, catmints and other such olfactory delights are wafting through the nylon safety netting more commonly found underneath circus trapeze set-ups.

The “Dymaxion Sleeps,” as it is named, was designed by Jane Hutton and Adrian Blackwell and installed by Creations Filion. I think a smaller version would actually make a marketable product for the everyday residential garden or lawn — a sort of outdoor family-friendly hub for napping, reading a book, whatever. Clearly it’s a draw for the toddlers. Maybe it could come with a “spiderweb” adhesive option, so Mom and Dad know the kids aren’t going to disappear when adult backs are turned.

What do you think? Would you want a Dymaxion Sleeps in your backyard?

Credit: Pruned