Carving jack-o’-lanterns is always a lot of fun but cleaning up afterwards…not so much. Roto-Rooter’s newsletter has a couple pieces of advice for pumpkin carvers this Halloween, including this key point:

Never put pumpkin pulp and seeds down the toilet, sink or garbage disposal.

Each year plumbers across the nation earn big bucks fixing this common homeowners’ mistake. Pumpkin remnants harden in pipes and create massive blockages. If you’ve already done this, be sure to read our article on how to fix a garbage disposal. And if it’s too late, maybe you should consider buying a new one.

But be sure to carve your pumpkin on top of a thick bed of newspapers to catch all the seeds. If you like eating pumpkin seeds, there are dozens of recipes online for toasting them. Or, if you’re carving your pumpkin with your child, why not throw the seeds in the garden to see what comes up next year?

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