If you would believe Assistant Secretary Patricia Hoffman’s latest Department of Energy blog post, all is well with the Smart Grid roll-out.

According to Hoffman, utility companies (and their customers) in Oklahoma, Idaho and Tennessee have all benefited from Smart Grid Investment Grants by using the boost to enhance services to residences.

In Oklahoma, for example, Oklahoma Gas & Electric reported a “48 percent reduction in electricity demands from customers with ‘smart’ thermostats drink peak periods.” The thermostats, which are connected to a smart meter, automatically set the home’s air conditioner to come on less during peak periods.

Similarly optimistic reports come out of the other two aforementioned states. And Hoffman goes on to inform that, since June, the nation has seen the installation of smart meters in homes and businesses double to 10 million. The goal is to have an additional 5.5 million installed by 2015.

Do you have a smart meter in your home? Tell us how it’s working for you.

Credit: Department of Energy