One Month Out

By this point you should have decided upon a moving company. Here are a couple more actions to take:

1) Supplies. Start stocking up on moving/packing supplies. This includes boxes, tape, tape dispensers, wrapping material and labels.

2) Yard Sale. A yard sale is not only a great opportunity to lessen your moving load, it will also give you a chance to inform neighbors and fellow community members of your imminent move.

3) Packing Plan. It may sound pedantic, but it’s really helpful if everyone in the family knows their part when it comes time to pack and unpack. Put together an assignment list. Get a layout of the new house and determine what will be going where. This is particularly important information to share with your moving company. Once they’re gone, they’re gone, so make sure they are putting that grand piano in the right room.

Three Weeks Out

Only three weekends left! It’s time to dig into some dirty work:

1) Packing. You’ve put it off long enough. It’s time to starting packing up your stuff. Specifically, begin with those items that you don’t use on the regular, like the fondue set and the slip n slide. Be sure to label every box for contents and the room it’s going to.

2) Change of Address. If you haven’t done this already, do it now. There’s nothing worse than losing important mail, unless it’s not knowing you’ve lost it in the first place. USPS has made it dead simple to change your address online.

3) Utilities. Now would be a good time to call all your utility companies and notify them of your last day of service. While you’re at it, have the utilities at your new home set up in advance so you won’t be pulling into a dark, cold home. Schedule to have them turned on the day before you arrive.


One Week Out

Whoa! Did that sneak up on you or what? Go time is right around the corner. You should be in top gear at this point:

1) Final Packing. No doubt there are some odds and ends laying around, as well as those essentials that you can’t do without. Nows the time to do without. Break down the computer, pack away the rest of the clothes (except for those you’ll need for the next few days), and separately pack your valuables like jewelry and anything else that will be coming in your car during the move.

2) Work + School. See to it that all the kids’ belongings are removed from their school. You should do the same with work.

3) Confirmation. Call the movers and confirm the date and time. Make a contingency plan in case they don’t arrive on time for some reason.