What do you do when you love pirates and you have a spare $2.5 million laying around? Build a pirate ship deck in your home, of course. Oh, and you don’t stop there. You install a movie screen, killer lighting, surround sound and a few rows of chairs that put the local Regal Cinema to shame.

Built by Elite Home Theater Seating, this Florida homeowner’s personal home theater could have doubled as a set for that latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Which was obviously the idea.

It’s nice to see that not everyone is hurting in these tough economic times. And in case you were wondering, this luxury, highly customized and very expensive home theater was not made for the homeowner’s kids. According Bobby Bala, President and CEO of Elite Home Theater Seating, the company wanted the client to “feel like a kid again and escape into the fantasy world of their favorite films.”

Fantasy world, indeed.

While I appreciate the attention to detail that went into this project, I do have one real issue. It may be a great setting to watch the Pirates of the Caribbean series, or Peter Pan, or maybe even Master and Commander, but there are going to be some serious incongruities when you try to watch The Proposal or Sex and the City in that room. It’s just not going to feel right.

Unless you have a jug of rum in hand.

All that said, it’s an amazing home theater room. If the company ever goes belly up they could probably get work in Hollywood.

Elite Home Theater Seating