Does your skill set or budget stop you from making home repairs? These 11 home repairs from Reader’s Digestare fix-ups you can do in a few hours for less than $25 each.

1. Gutters: Take the sag and bulge out of your gutters.
2. Gutters: Keep the water in the gutter where it belongs.
3. Outlets: Make your old two-prong outlets safer–the easy way.
4. Trim: Fill woodwork holes like the pros.
5. Walls: Smooth out those ugly nail pops for good.
6. Washer: Clothes washer filling slowly or not at all? Fix it.
7. Cabinet: Make creaky drawers glide like they’re on ice.
8. Faucet: Quickly fix leaky cartridge-type faucets.
9. Plumbing: Try a sure cure for sweating pipes.
10. Storm Door: Fix your broken storm-door handle, and jazz it up while you’re at it.
11. Water Heater: No more hot water? Restore it without calling in a pro.

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