Here’s a handy checklist for maintaining your home’s safety from Divine Caroline:

1. Radon. A radioactive gas that causes lung cancer. Radon home test can be bought at any home improvement story. Read more about radon.

2. Kitchen sponges. Be sure to wash your kitchen sponges because they soak up germs. Put them in the dishwasher, replace them or heat them in the microwave for 60 seconds.

3. Dirty air ducts. If not properly cleaned and maintained, air ducts can become a breeding ground for molds and other air pollutants. Read more about cleaning air ducts in your home.

4. Bisphenol-A. A chemical linked to many health problems can be found in water bottles, cups, baby bottles and tin cans. Many are pushing for Bisphenol-A to be banned.

5. Lead. A substance found in old paint, pipes and soil that can cause brain damage. Read more about lead.

6. Mold. Caused by a buildup of moisture, mold can produce allergens and other irritants. Read more about mold.

7. Aluminum cookware. According to some medical journalists, aluminum can leak into food and cause kidney and liver damage. It’s recommended cooks use glass, cast iron, stainless-steel and porcelain cookware as possible alternatives.

8. Rats. A filthy pest that should be removed immediately if found. A pest removal service can get rid of them for you.

9. Cockroaches. Prevent infestations by removing trash promptly and not leaving pet food out. Extermination services can also be called in to wipe out these pests.

10. Knob and tube wiring. A dangerous form of power setup used up until 50 years ago. An electrician can be called in to update this form of wiring.

11. Bed linens. Sheets with permanent press finishes can contain formaldehyde, a known carcinogen. Homeowners should consider organic sheets instead.

Credit: Divine Caroline article